When you enroll in one of the medical plan options, you are automatically provided with prescription benefits through Express Scripts.
To log in to your Express-Scripts online member account, click here! Newly enrolled members must register your basic information first. Need help logging in? Call the Express-Scripts Customer Service team for assistance, 1-800-711-0917.
Key Prescription coverage features:
  • Different pricing structures or “tiers” enable you to control costs based on thee type of medication you select.
  • Click here to price a medication, locate a pharmacy, or get see a benefits overview.
  • Use of the Mail Order Program is required for most maintenance medications. This home-delivery service allows you to purchase up to 90-day supplies of maintenance medications for the cost of two co-pays. If you use insulin, you may be eligible for a program that caps your copay at $25 for a 30-day supply.
  • Access to Livongo, a FREE Diabetes & Hypertension Management program that provides cellular-enabled glucose meter and free unlimited testing supplies or a free blood pressure monitor, digital access to track and share your health progress, and access to certified coaches. Go to
  • Click here to learn ways on how you can relieve your stress in the moment. 
  • Click here to learn 5 ways to start taking care of you.
  • Need a warm and comforting home cooked meal? Click here for slow cooker recipes to warm any fall evening.
  • Stretching everyday can keep you nimble as you age. Grab your spouse, your child, or a friend and commit to a 30-day stretch challenge!