When you enroll in one of the medical plan options, you are automatically provided with prescription benefits through Express Scripts. Visit to get to know your prescription plan benefit options. 


To log in to your Express-Scripts online member account, click here! Newly enrolled members must register your basic information first. Need help logging in? Call the Express-Scripts Customer Service team for assistance, 1-800-711-0917.


Generic Drugs – The generic prescription retail and mail order copays are being lowered to $50 and $10 respectively for all our medical plans except the Hight Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) where it only applies to preventative medications.  


Key Prescription coverage features:
  • Different pricing structures or “tiers” enable you to control costs based on thee type of medication you select.
  • Click here to price a medication, locate a pharmacy, or get see a benefits overview.
  • Use of the Mail Order Program is required for most maintenance medications. This home-delivery service allows you to purchase up to 90-day supplies of maintenance medications for the cost of two co-pays. If you use insulin, you may be eligible for a program that caps your copay at $25 for a 30-day supply.
  • Access to Livongo, a FREE Diabetes & Hypertension Management program that provides cellular-enabled glucose meter and free unlimited testing supplies or a free blood pressure monitor, digital access to track and share your health progress, and access to certified coaches. Go to


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