New Inframark Employees

Welcome to Inframark!

As a new or rehired Inframark employee, you are probably asking yourself the following questions:
• What do I do next?
• How do I enroll in benefits and when can I start using them?
• When will I receive my insurance cards, how can I see them electronically?
• How do I start contributing to my 401(k)?
• Where can I enter my beneficiary information?
Well, you’ve come to the right place because we will help you answer all of those questions and more! 
To get started, view our Benefits Orientation video below to take a dive into the details.

Get Enrolled

All full-time employees scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week are eligible to enroll in employee benefits. Review the Benefits Guidebook (review the Memorial Hermann Guidebook if you reside in the Greater Houston area) and follow this benefits enrollment checklist before making your elections. The benefit elections you make during your enrollment timeframe are binding through the end of the plan year unless you experience a qualifying life event.

To learn more about Inframark’s 401(k) Savings Plan, click here.

Register with our Insurance Carriers

(download our healthcare mobile apps to have access to your electronic insurance cards everywhere you go)

Inframark Wellness Program – A Healthier You

Earn $450 off of your medical premiums next year!

Check out Inframark’s Wellness Program hosted by Health Advocate. Earn 225 wellness points and apply them towards a $450 discount off your medical premiums for next year OR redeem your points and collect $450 in gift cards!

View our Wellness Program video below and take a look through the Wellness Program Guidebook to see all the different points you can earn to reach the 225 point goal.