2024 Wellness Program



Welcome to your 2024 Inframark Wellness Program. Inframark partners with Health Advocate to provide you with the tools and resources to be an active participant in your health and well-being. You can earn rewards by participating in healthy activities and taking control of your health!


Quick Links:


Watch the NEW! Wellness video to learn about the program and how to earn points!

(Run time about 5 minutes)


Who is Eligible?

All benefit eligible employees that work 30 hours or more a week and their spouses/partners enrolled in Inframark’s medical plan.

What’s the Goal?

Earn up to 450 wellness points by completing your choice of well-being activities outlined in the 2024 Wellness Program guide.

Is there a Reward?

When you or your eligible spouse earn 150 or 450 wellness points, those points will convert into rewards. This means you and your eligible spouse could earn up to 900 wellness points = $900 in rewards!

New! 2024 Wellness Program Updates:

  • Now, each point equals up to $1 in value.
  • Points At the End of the Program =

1. 450 points or more = $450

    • If enrolled in Inframark’s 2025 Medical Plan = $450 wellness premium discount OR $450 paycheck wellness bonus.
    • Not enrolling in Inframark’s 2025 Medical Plan = $450 paycheck wellness bonus.

2.150 points = $150 paycheck wellness bonus

Note that Paycheck rewards will be paid out in December 2024.

Please know that the reward amount being paid to you in your paycheck is subject to income tax and the appropriate amount of taxes will be applied on the same paycheck that you receive your reward.

*Spouses on the medical plan are eligible to earn a reward. Child Dependents are not eligible for rewards but can utilize the wellness resources.



Getting started is easy. Simply register on the Health Advocate website by following the steps below. If you’ve already registered, just log-in!

 New users, let’s get you registered:

  • Go to www.HealthAdvocate.com/Inframark
  • Scroll down and click on “Register”
  • Enter your legal name, date of birth and zip code
  • An email with a verification code will be sent
  • To register a spouse, enter a different email address
  • Once registered, log-in and get started!


Activity Suggestions:
  • 100 points! Complete a Health Screening with your Physician or at a local LabCorp facility. Click here for instructions on how to access the physician form or LabCorp voucher. Note: both of these options are FREE to employees. 
  • 50 points! Check out “A Healthier You” message board. All you need to do is create your log in using your Inframark email address, then review and answer the questions on each tile. (Note: these points are rewarded on a monthly basis).