Doing our best in the Bayou.


Inframark has provided reliable, cost-effective water and wastewater operations, including customer service and collections, at Plaquemines Parish since 1998. Far more than being simply a contractor, we partner with the Parish as it faces challenges to provide these vital services to its residents. Inframark is responsible for four major wastewater treatment plants (WWTPs) and five water treatment plants (WTPs); 159 lift stations; six booster stations; 380 miles of water lines; 157 miles of collection lines; nine water towers; three reservoirs; and 11 smaller facilities including oxidation ponds and package wastewater plants. In 2010, our project scope expanded to include the Government Complex, which includes a water tower and package WTP. We also have had to operate the facilities in extreme weather conditions, including the one-two punch of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita in 2005.


In 2009, Inframark seamlessly implemented a new computerized maintenance management system (CMMS). The software improves productivity and efficiency of maintenance with intuitive screens and easy-to-access information at a reduced cost from the previous program. Training for this program was provided in-house by Inframark staff. In addition, we use a variety of technologies to meet new drinking water rules and regulations. In October 2015, we brought a new ultraviolet (UV) treatment system online at the Belle Chasse WTP due to the “Long Term 2 Enhanced Surface Water Treatment Rule” for additional Cryptosporidium treatment. Since this system has gone online, we also have seen a significant reduction in TOC in the drinking water. When Plaquemines Parish was hit by Katrina and Rita, our employees worked around the clock to ensure water and wastewater services were maintained for residents. Staff took refuge at the Belle Chasse WTP, which has an emergency generator and was able to maintain water pressure during Katrina. Additional generators were brought in to provide power for one of the WWTPs and lift stations, restoring service and compliant operations. These efforts were repeated when Rita flooded the same facilities.


  • Inframark’s local staff, with support from regional and corporate resources, has been able to enhance the service offering while effectively managing costs.
  • We have developed strong partnerships with Parish staff and local contractors to provide solutions that address local needs and leverage local resources.
  • We have established safety protocols to ensure the plants are operated in compliance by certified operators during emergencies. Inframark advises the Parish on when they are required to issue boil water advisories as a result of water pressure loss from storm damage.
Inframark has been in partnership Plaquemines Parish for the past 27 years and their services are impeccable. The management and staff are reasonable and easy to work with due to their excellent interpersonal skills. I feel confident in recommending Inframark for all water, wastewater, and environmental needs.
Kirk Lepine