What Is SmartDollar?

SmartDollar is a step-by-step approach to handling money with the number one authority in personal finance, Dave Ramsey. More than 4.5 million people have started on Dave’s plan and taken control of their money, and you can too! SmartDollar will equip you to get out of debt, on a budget, and on your way to a strong financial foundation.

Tell your money where to go and stop wondering where it went. SmartDollar, Dave Ramsey’s all-new financial wellness program, will teach you how to take control of your money once and for all.

We believe in this program so much that we are providing it FREE for you and your family!

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With SmartDollar you’ll learn how to:

  • Jump-start Your Money. Everyone knows they need a plan for their money, but where do you start?
  • Do College Debt Free. Saving for college can seem an impossible task, but if you plan ahead, you can make it happen debt free.
  • Knock Out Debt. When you don’t have debt, the world is your oyster. Learn how to eliminate those payments one at a time.
  • Secure Your Dream Home. A house is likely the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. Learn the right ways and wrong ways to get your own piece of the American dream.
  • Retire In Style. Learn how to find the cash you need to retire with dignity.
  • Demystify Your Credit Score. Your credit score seems like a mythical creature that no one understands.


Mark Steelman, Inframark, DIR of MUDS Operations, Houston, TX.

“It’s good to be weird! My wife and I participated in SmartDollar several years ago and our lives were changed forever. I have managed projects for many years and was always successful at exceeding my budgeted profit margin so how was my personal financial situation any different? Why wasn’t I getting ahead? I was just like everyone else that I worked with. When I got a raise I got a nicer car, ate at better restaurants, went out more often, and bought newer and cooler toys. I had to keep up with the Joneses right? WRONG! The Joneses are BROKE!

When you scroll through your Facebook feed and see all of your friends out buying new cars, buying a big house, eating out all the time, or taking nice trips, the part they don’t post on the feed is when MasterCard bill comes in. Living within my means was a new concept to me. Retirement was so far away I didn’t concern myself with it. After all, I could rely on the government, which is well known for its ability to handle money, to take care of me then, right?

This course will take you through the 7 baby steps to achieve financial independence in a simple and easy way and will change your life. I do caution, this is not a get rich quick plan. This is a plan that will take away those money fights, reduce stress, and develop better communication for you and your partner in your day to day way of handling money. It did for me and my wife and I highly recommend you participate!”