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Water is what we do. Inframark is the operations partner that helps municipalities, municipal utility districts and industries deliver clean, quality drinking water to more than 4 million people across North  America every day. We understand it’s a big responsibility, and as your trusted partner we will provide peace of mind.

From water supply and monitoring to water treatment and distribution systems, our expert teams have helped solve our clients’ greatest challenges. And we know those challenges aren’t getting any easier. Aging infrastructures, dwindling O&M resources, regulatory complexity and cost constraints put constant pressure on our clients to do more with less.

We understand the new technologies that treatment plants rely on. With over 160 water treatment facilities capable of delivering a half billion gallons per day, our experience ranges from groundwater wells to advanced reverse osmosis water treatment plants and the technologies in between. We are also experts in the management of water distribution systems with over 5,000 miles of pipe currently under our management. We successfully serve some of the nation’s most complex systems and have done so for years.

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Success Stories

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