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With much of the country’s wastewater infrastructure aging and in need of repair and upgrades, the need for expertise, innovation and hands-on support is more important than ever before. Inframark delivers that every day as the wastewater operations and maintenance partner to municipalities and industries across North America.

Our deep team of licensed wastewater operators, maintenance personnel and highly skilled technical solutions engineers creates tailored solutions to meet each client’s unique wastewater situation. Our treatment plant resume ranges from primary treatment plants to advanced treatment plants and reuse systems, using membrane technologies.  We manage more than 200 wastewater treatment facilities capable of treating more than 500 million gallons a day. Beyond facilities, we manage over 3,000 miles of collection systems, including combined sewer systems. Biosolids is in our wheelhouse as well. We manage over 100,000 dry tons of biosolids annually, much of which is beneficially reused. We leverage this extensive expertise with a wide range of technologies to deliver environmentally-conscious, safe and cost-effective quality operations.

We have a proven track record of driving treatment improvements and developing alternative uses for waste products while managing every aspect of award-winning wastewater management facilities – all while saving energy, time and resources.

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Success Stories

Mountain House

Providing Exceptional Service to one of California’s Largest Master Planned Communities

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