Norton LifeLock

Inframark partnered with the top pioneer in identity theft protection, Norton LifeLock, to bring safety to your everyday internet activity like online shopping, banking, and even browsing. NortonLifelock’s innovative voluntary benefit plans can help protect your identity and personal information on your connected devices from countless threats you and your family members may face in your digitally-connected homes and workplaces.

Choose between two levels of protection:

  • Benefit Essential – includes identity monitoring, One Bureau Credit Application Alerts, data breach notifications, and online monitoring.
  • Benefit Premier – the most complete identity and online protection. You’ll get everything Benefit Essential has to offer as well as credit score report and 50 GB cloud backup.

Click here to review the comprehensive list of services offered. Call 800-607-9174 if you have questions.

LifeLock Portability Information – If you are ending employment, you can continue your identity theft protection past your last day worked.  The flyer has the number to call. Click here