Healthy Living

Whether you have a chronic condition that needs to be treated or controlled, a desire to get healthier and make positive lifestyle changes or you simply want to maintain your good health, Health Advocate will help you identify and achieve your personal health and wellness goals and take action. One-on-one health coaching and encouragement will keep you motivated.
Personal Guidance and Support – You’ll have the opportunity to establish a relationship with a Health Coach who can provide ongoing help and support. Your Health Coach will call you as needed and offer tools to help you make the choices that work for your health needs. We also offer online resources to help you make informed health choices.
Help for Serious Health Issues & Wellness – If you want to lose weight, get fit, stop smoking or prevent disease, it’s not easy to reach health goals on your own. The Wellness Coaching feature of your Health Advocate benefit can help—offering expert support to help you get going and keep you going, no matter what. Our Registered Nurses can also help you take control of chronic illnesses through management programs for asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, coronary artery disease, hypertension, diabetes, and more.
Online Resources Just for You – Get access to the Health Advocate website that has all the health tips you want when you need them. You can keep track of your personal health records and interests on this customizable web resource. Complete a Personal Health Profile to understand and manage your risks.  Make life easier by keeping track of doctor visits, using wellness tools to help you eat healthier on the go, starting a fitness program that fits your style and much more.
24-Hour Nurse Line – Talk to a registered nurse and get your health questions answered when you have them after hours. Because your body’s needs don’t ever rest, nurses are ready day and night-24/7-both online and by phone.
Rewards for Healthy Activities – Taking charge of your health and earning rewards is as easy as 1, 2, 3!  Look for details in the 2024 Wellness Program Booklet.

Employee Testimonial: “I just wanted to thank Inframark for the wellness checkup that I received. It was discovered that I was a borderline diabetic and needed to be placed on some medication and make some lifestyle changes to my diet and exercise. My doctor has also informed me that by catching it this early and making these changes that I can put off actually getting diabetes until I am much older. Without these changes I would have been a full blown diabetic within 3-5 years. So again I just want to thank all that were involved with the wellness program here at Inframark.”