Inframark has partnered with United Concordia Dental to provide you the best and quality dental care that you and your family deserve. Getting your regular checkups is good for your health, not just clean teeth.

  • Speak with a member of the United Concordia Customer Service team by calling 1-800-332-0366.
  • Find a dentist: Visit or download the United Concordia mobile app and search under the “ELITE PLUS” network. (Apple) (Android)
    • Here’s how you can register and access your electronic dental card online.

About your Dental plan:
You have two dental plan options with United Concordia to choose from – High Plan or Low Plan. 
Where the plans are the same:
  • Offers 100% coverage for two cleanings each year.

How they are different:

  • High Plan – 
    • See ANY provider, in or out-of-network. 
    • Annual maximum of $2,000 (you will have claims applied to this if you know you will have extensive care done like, crowns or root canals).
    • Offers orthodontia children AND adults.
  • Low Plan – 
    • Offers the same deductibles as the High Plan, if you stay in-network.
    • Annual maximum of $1,500
    • DOES NOT cover orthodontia services.
Additional features:

Additional Resources & Information: