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Inframark, LLC, is a wholly American-owned infrastructure services company focused on the operations and management of water and wastewater systems, management and strengthening of community infrastructure, and related services.

With experience spanning more than 40 years, Inframark provides overall management of water and wastewater systems in 19 states. This includes contract management, billing, customer service, operations support, maintenance, and system improvements. We serve over 300 municipal, industrial, and commercial water and wastewater clients, and operate more than 350 treatment facilities, throughout the U.S.

Our services are based on a set of partnership principles that are engrained in all of our interactions. We build long-term relationships by understanding all of our customers’ unique needs and delivering value they can see, feel, and measure. Our 1,500 hard-working and dedicated professionals ensure that we maintain our reputation as a recognized leader in providing safe, cost-effective water and wastewater operations for more than four million U.S. citizens, while ensuring the highest level of service and regulatory compliance.

Inframark also as the experience and insight necessary to deliver cost-effective services without compromising quality. In conjunction with managing and operating systems, we also provide the following support services: meter reading and installation, utility billing and collection, asset management, and system rehabilitation.

Each of these services is undertaken within the requirements of local governmental and community needs, and is carried out in a spirit of commitment to customer service, excellence, integrity, and the environment.