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Inframark, an industry leader in providing water and wastewater utility management, operations, and maintenance services across the U.S., is looking for qualified veterans to join our growing team. We value your ability to adjust quickly to different environments. It is your strong work ethic and the ability to possess a variety of cross-functional skills that makes you an ideal candidate for operational and non-operational career opportunities at Inframark. You know what it is like to put in a hard day’s work and we need you.

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Military job codes don’t always match up to civilian job titles. To make it easy to find a job opportunity view our translation form which will help match job codes from all branches of the military to Inframark job titles.

Accredited Apprenticeship Program

At Inframark, we believe strongly in supporting our Veterans and leveraging their unique skill set within our industry.

We have established an Accredited Apprenticeship Program, and are now partnering with The Department of Labor and The Department of Veterans Affairs, to provide a proactive approach to tackling the aging workforce crisis, and increase the talent pool.

We have developed the following:

  • 2-year Accredited Water & Wastewater Apprenticeship Program
  • 2-year Maintenance Technician Program
  • 4-year Maintenance Electrician Program

Program Details:

  • Modular based curriculum
  • Veterans are eligible to use their Veterans benefits or Vocational Rehabilitation Assistance to participate
  • Throughout the program, participants are employed by Inframark and receive full benefits and professional development opportunities
  • On-the-job training along with mentorship and guidance from senior operational leaders
  • Programs will produce certified licensed operators as well as Maintenance Technicians and Maintenance/Electrician (Journeyman)