2023 Benefits for ESG Employees

Welcome to Inframark!

Your Inframark benefits play a major role in the health and well-being of you and your family. Explore this easy-to-read electronic guide that is filled with important information and step-by-step instructions for enrolling in your Inframark employee benefits. Click on the image below to view the 2023 ESG open enrollment benefits guidebook (click here for the Spanish version).

  • Click here to get an overview of Inframark’s Benefits.
  • Not sure which plans to enroll in? No problem, ALEX can help you! Click here to meet ALEX and he will recommend plan options that best meets your or your family’s needs.
  • Need to find an in-network provider? Click here to see how!
  • Don’t Forget! Sign up for employee benefits messages, text “INFRAMARK” to 877-799-4635.
  • Become a healthier you by participating in Inframark’s wellness program. Click here to check out the wellness brochure.

Don’t Forget! If you’re enrolling any eligible dependents under the Inframark medical plan. It is required that you complete a Dependent Certification Form by December 31, 2023.


Watch this video for highlights and comparisons between the Inframark and ESG benefits! (approximately 13 minutes long)


Watch this video for an overview of Inframark’s benefits! (approximately 20 minutes long)



1. When is open enrollment?

  • Open enrollment for ESG employees starts on April 3 and ends on April 21, 2023. Your current benefits with ESG will end on May 31, 2023.

2. Do I have to enroll?

  • YES! You must take action and enroll in Inframark’s benefits to have healthcare coverage from 6/1 through 12/31/2023. 

3. How do I enroll in my Inframark benefits?

  • These are the different ways in which you can enroll in your benefits:
    • Online at myinframarkbenefits.com > Enroll
    • By telephone at 800-307-0230
    • In person as indicated on open enrollment meeting schedule

4. Who do I contact if I need enrollment assistance?

  • Enrollment assistance is available by phone by calling the Online Benefits Service Center at 800-307-0230. 

5. Who do I contact if I have additional questions?

6. Who’s eligible to enroll?

  • All full-time employee scheduled to work at least 30 hours per week are eligible to enroll in employee benefits.

7. Can I add my dependents?

  • Yes. Eligible dependents you can cover under your Inframark healthcare plans are our legal spouse/domestic partner, biological/adopted children up to age 26, and your unmarried children of any age, if mentally or physically incapable of self-support.

8. What will happen to my life and Short-Term Disability insurance that I enrolled in with Omaha?

  • You will be automatically enrolled in Inframark’s company paid life and AD&D insurance, short-term and long-term disability plans. But, medical, dental, vision, spending accounts and any voluntary plans require an active election. 

9. How do I rollover my Discovery HSA money to the new Inframark Empower-Optum HSA?